The goals of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Doctorate Program are to train individuals: to be able to research in the fields of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, to contribute to exceptional studies, to be able to educate and conduct research independently.

The Doctorate Program has started in 2006 after Higher Education Council of Turkey’s approval. The Program has been matured with research laboratories of the Department. The students admitted to the Program are fully reimbursed as tuition waivers with no additional cost. The students are also allowed to take courses from other collaborating institutions as well. With Integrated Doctorate Program, a student with exceptional undergraduate background is accepted directly to Doctorate Program without completing a Master’s study. The Doctorate students usually take active part in research projects that are funded by external agencies such as European Union, TUBITAK, Ministry of Science, Technology and Trade. With its exceptional laboratory capabilities and research-oriented academic stuff, the Program has been getting stronger every year.