DSP and Microprocessor Laboratory


Nowadays, many electronic and telecommunication systems rely on digital signal processing, including consumer devices and basic appliances in daily life: televisions, satellite receivers, audio systems, mobile phones, etc. DSP units are the fundamental building blocks of these systems. All these devices have a fast DSP microprocessor at their core. Every mobile phone includes at least one DSP unit. DSPs are fast, low cost and low power solutions for signal processing needs. The DSP laboratory provides students with hands-on experience on DSP systems and thus helps in the transition from theory to practice. With the C programming language and native DSP commands, students are able to implement various algorithms ranging from basic audio volume control to complex control system simulations.


Texas Instruments TMS320C2812 DSP Kit Technical Specifications (PDF)
Texas Instruments TMS320VC5510 DSP Kit Technical Specifications (PDF)
Texas Instruments TMS320C6713 DSP Kit Technical Specifications (PDF)
E&L C.A.D.E.T. Electronics Trainer Technical Specifications (Link)
Agilent 54622A Oscilloscope Technical Specifications (PDF)
Agilent 33120A Function Generator Technical Specifications (PDF)



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